Better cooling by design

cool core
Open a Convecta°Cool™ cooler system and you notice a difference immediately. The components are organized into a neat stack called Cool°Core™. There’s refrigerant on the bottom, and air is everywhere! We discovered that air that is allowed to move freely in a closed cooler system will use the heat outside of a package to regulate the temperature inside of that package.

ambi sens
We call this feature Ambi°Sens™, because the system senses the ambient temperature and uses it to regulate the payload temperature.

Cool°Core™ with Ambi°Sens™ makes low-cost high-performance cooler systems possible, and gives the industry new tools that we have used to load our products with novel and intelligent features, like:

A family of configurations with overlapping ambient temperature operating ranges that use all the same components and cover hot, warm, cool and cold ambient conditions.

1 CT-057-A4

30 Second Pack-Out

A 30-second pack-out that’s intuitive to learn, reduces operator error and reduces high-value drug exposure to damaging room temperatures during packing.

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Ship More With Less

A family of off-the-shelf cooler solutions that are precisely tuned to align dimensional weight with tare weight to reduce shipping costs, while sized to precisely fit the most commonly shipped temperature-sensitive medications, including Enbrel®, Humira®, and Stelara®,.

Real World Conditions Improve System Performance

A dynamic “real-world” bias, where drops, vibration, and changes in orientation actively force the cooling process and marshal more of the energy that’s stored in the redundant refrigerant system, resulting in even better performance and longer durations than published results.

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Cold Spike Protection

A protective cold ambient bias where the thick convective airspaces convert into an extra layer of insulation when convection stops during severe ambient exposures resulting in a highly protective heat loss coefficient of as little as -0.5C payload degrees per hour at an ambient temperature of -10C.

Shock Absorption

A shock absorbing spacer system that cushions valuable payload and preserves design integrity during package drops and changes in orientation.

ConvectaCool LLC
ConvectaCool LLC

Mitigate Risk

An air-cooled Payload blindness, which allows “pick-and-pack” pharmacies and drug distributors to ship MIN or MAX payloads in small or large systems with nearly identical results, or to standardize packing programs across product lines and shipping locations, or to split high-value shipments into several smaller lower-value shipments, or to cross-pack into larger or smaller systems in the event of a cooler system inventory stock-out.

Overnight New System Development

A quick-turn, algorithm-based core design with single-test verification that leverages free-convection’s inherent reliability and can be customized in minutes and added to any existing cooler in any established distribution network without disrupting existing supplier relationships or quality programs. New system development takes days or weeks rather than months or years.

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